Posted by: Ed Deiss | June 14, 2012

For Father’s Day, how about a coconut husk

In terms of thinking what to get my Dad this Father’s Day, the usual came to mind.  Tie?  Cufflinks? Well, that used to come to mind when he wore them.  Shirt and Short combinations that don’t match?  Tuxedo shirt so he looks dressed up while just wearing a t-shirt?

The more I thought about it, how about spending time getting through a coconut husk? Sounded great. Certainly technology has enabled communication to thrive through various channels.  When my Dad was communicating with colleagues past, the Instant Messaging of the day was in the form of a telex.  

Seeing as we did not have blogs when I was growing up,  thought that sharing our experiences and insights to support and encourage other single Dads, kids of single Dads (and Moms) and Third Culture kids would suit well.  The pages on my story and about the coconut husk provide context and mission going forward. 

Happy Father’s Day Dad!  I was certainly blessed and our adventures together certainly defined much of who we are.  You have certainly been a Dad to me in every sense of the word.  As for the coconut husk, time to go through some more and share it with others.   

 With my Dad getting ready for a dive off Malaysia in South China Sea

With my Dad at Pulau Rawa, Malaysia in 2006

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