about me

I am first and foremost a Dad and single parent to my starting lineup of three great kids, Will, Rachel, and Zoe. My most important title is Dad, and serve as an IT consultant.   I was raised by a single parent (Dad), in Asia (Singapore) as a Third Culture Kid, which I realize is unique. Then again, each of us has a story and there are no ordinary lives.  Through that time growing up, I knew I had a connection to my Mom and brother even though we were in different worlds on the other side of the world; those relationships are now restored.  As I adjusted and adapted to being a single parent, the perspectives certainly served me well and grateful for them.  Singapore and Asia became integrated with the country I was born in and as a result I was shaped into a blend of both, a third culture.  Blessed to have grown up as a minority in a country that became home as it granted me experiences, relationships, and perspectives that I would never have gained otherwise. Through the encouragement of a friend to share my story and journeys, I  started the coconut husk on Father’s Day 2012 to encourage other single Dads (and Moms), kids of single parents, and Third Culture Kids (TCKs).  I’m now quite at home with my kids and we reside in the scenic countryside of Hanover, Virginia, outside of Richmond.

I have also had the honor to serve as part of a team of parent bloggers at Single Parents Town which was created to support single parents as they face the challenges, fears, and joys ahead; inspire and motivate them to be excellent role models for their children, and; to provide a source of services, advice, and resources to help organize and balance their life.

I was also honored by Denizen Magazine, an online magazine dedicated to today’s Third Culture Kids (TCKs), to talk about my story and adventures growing up in Asia being raised by a single dad, and lessons learned that have served me well.

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