Posted by: Ed Deiss | September 3, 2012

Keep Chasing the Sun

Eighteen summers.  That is one way to look at it.  Eighteen summers with each of your kids through their childhood.  It is akin to being quarterback of the household as you move down field of raising them and look toward the end zone at the clock that keeps moving.  My son is now 14 and two daughters at 11 and 8 respectively.  Have not had much time to blog lately as been out ‘chasing the sun’ this summer and building memories that transcend time.  After we reach the end zone of their childhood, we will always have these summers.

There it goes, let’s go get it!

As a Dad, I have to keep up the chase.  I have learned (sometimes the hard way) it takes quite a bit of energy to raise kids, and many a night I have found myself at sheer exhaustion.  Summer days with less (or no) agenda and commitments other than each other are a welcome sight.  I have found it imperative to keep my energy level up for my kids sake and myself so I am sharp.  So, stay strong Dads!

For kids of single parents, my experiences have taught me to chase authentic bonds with each of your parents and close friends.  The time summer allows is not the only time for pursuit of your dreams and passions.  Also, there will be times where you will look for something you can’t quite see or understand, don’t be discouraged.

The chase may seem cloudy at times, however the sun is there…

I was not close to my Mom as I was with my Dad due to circumstances and being on the other side of the world.  The years and summers went by and got to the end zone of my childhood not knowing my Mom that well.  However as an adult, and as we got through the coconut husk, I got to know and appreciate her for who she is and what she went through.  We are closer than ever now and I understand much more.  Still close to my Dad as I have always been.

In whatever circumstance you face, never give up the chase.

For this blog thought it would be best to put together a collage of summers past (including this one) for my trio.  As the school year begins and the sunsets on another great summer for us, thanks for being the great kids you are.  It is a pleasure being your Dad.

Will be waking you all up for the school bus.  I know that snooze button is tempting.

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