Posted by: edeiss | February 15, 2013

All too soon

I’m a dad to three wonderful kids, two of whom are girls.  Having grown up with my dad, was not attune to the special bond between a dad and a daughter.  There is something about a daughter that adds another dimension to a man’s soul, it softens and adds tenderness and at the same time makes it more valiant and protective.   Their eyes can melt your heart.

No Electric Slide this time

No Electric Slide this time

I certainly got insights in high school. Some of my dates dads would greet me at the door. A firm handshake and a look right in the eye. I won’t forget and message received.  Also, thank you.  Now, any guys that ask my daughters out on a date can expect the same.

Seems each passing year I become more and more aware how fast each of my kids are growing up.  Could someone hand me the remote, I want to hit ‘pause’.  Does Scotchguard work?  It’s all too soon.

My youngest just turned nine this week, her birthday being two days shy of Valentines Day.  Half way to being 18.  When we are all together my mind does memory snapshots, and when I’m spending time with each.  I found it important to make a point to do just that when there are multiple children.

Her name is Zoe.  We have our snapshots and making more.  Gymnastics routines in the family room.  Watching TV while doing a handstand.  Doing scissor runs while opening the fridge (not running with scissors!). Bouncing up and down and talking at the same time; can walk and talk too.  Morning piggy back rides down the stairs to breakfast before school.  I can still pick her up.  Sleeps with her pigs still, Fuzzy and Rubere.  Drawing horses and more horses.  Riding horses and more horses.  Playing with horses and more horses.  Looking at cloud shapes and figuring out what they are.  Camping twice a year with other dads and daughters.

The family room is for practice

Time to go to the family room for practice

Father/Daughter Dances, we were at another one last weekend.  As I look at her now I think how this seems to be happening all too soon.   The clock is not near midnight yet, however certainly making its way.  I was thinking of a way I could capture something for Zoe for her birthday with a Valentine theme.   Also wanted to do something for dads and daughters.

Can we put her in the back yard?

Can we put her in the back yard?

There was a dad one night helping his two youngest daughters take a bath and get them to bed.  The girls were stalling, imagine that.  They were putting on gowns and he needed to get them in their pajamas.  Time to go to bed.  He had to do some work; he even refused to read them a story that night.

After walking out, he remembered how he had rushed through some moments in his oldest daughter’s childhood because of his career.  He now had the opportunity with his younger daughters (three adopted girls from China) to make sure that did not happen; to slow down.  He felt guilty and wrote a song to remind himself to cherish the moments he could.  Sadly, several months later, his youngest daughter died as a result of a tragic accident in their driveway.

The song then took on another message, namely life can change suddenly.  He did not sing the song for a while as it was quite personal, however felt that he needed to continue to bring hope to others.  He now does.  From one dad to another, thank you Steven Curtis Chapman.

And for my daughter Zoe,  I love being your Dad.  Same goes for your brother and sister.

Let’s keep having more times like these.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Ed,

    Another gem! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’ve been passing them along to our family and through my social networks.

    Great work!

    Love and regards,
    Your cousin Gil

    • Thanks for the encouragement Gil! Appreciate you cuz!

  2. Ed,
    As a father of a young lady, I share your thoughts and agree wholeheartedly with you narrative. I grew up with a younger brother, never exposed to the whims of a young lady in the house. I am much more protective as a father of her than my son. One thing is for sure, my son is learning to be a gentleman and will be taught to respect girls because he has a father that also has a daughter.

    Great job,

    • Thank you Carl for reading and sharing! There will always be the natural sibling back and forth. Same with my son and brings to mind “Men are respectable only as they respect” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  3. Wonderful Ed—and so important. You are doing a great job with all your kids. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you soon and kiss them all for me.

    • Thank you and look forward to seeing you again soon as well.

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