Posted by: Ed Deiss | September 15, 2013

Each Summer Has Its Own Story

IMG_0978Summer, what a good thing.  Don’t like to see you go, and know you will be back.  Not only did we chase the sun as in summers past, more stories unfolded that were certainly better lived than viewed.  The transition back to school has gone well though that first morning of the school bus can be a jolt back to reality.  Going to miss the summer agenda and lack thereof, and now my son is in high school!  Just as a watching a summer sunset, time does not wait.

Summer is a time where I’m reminded not to take for granted what is before my eyes, and the moments we have together.  For single parents, I hope this summer had a story for each of you that strengthened bonds with your kids and included welcome breaks from routines.  For kids of single parents, hope your parents did not embarrass you too much and the stories that you lived will be lived again and again in your memory.

Let’s see, some of ours:  Long car rides, long car belly laughs, Dad’s own song lyrics, Dad’s garlic butter grilled clams, Fathers Day candy all with nuts in it (I get it), Grandma and Grandpa Max’s house, Grandma’s cooking, baseball games with Pop, ocean casting and fishing, ocean wave playing, beach football, beach digging and digging the beach, night beach walks and crab searches, parasail and touch the clouds, shark fishing at night, swim meets, and asking is Will up yet?

Still can’t download the pictures in my mind of it all, however good thing I did take pictures.  Sure is humbling to be a Dad, and a pleasure being yours Will, Rachel, and Zoe.  Thanks for being who you are and this picture collage serves as a reminder that I’m truly blessed.

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